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  • Shelf-racks
    Shelving system available in a wide selection of sizes and configurations.
  • Pallet racks
    Pallet racks
    Unlimited capabilities to fit the design requirements.
  • Archive racks
    Archive racks
    Maximum use of space inside the room.
  • Office racks
    Office racks
    Wide range of sizes to match racks to individual needs.


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AB RACK Shelf-racks - modular rack systems available in a wide range of dimensions and configurations. The rack system makes it possible to arrange the warehouse within a wide scope of patterns. A wide array of accessories and additional equipment makes it possible to store all kinds of goods in a perfectly organized manner. Our steel racks are quick and easy to assemble thanks to their screw-less special connection systems. Your warehouse system may be extended at any time, and we’ll provide you with the best expert advice. Warehouses, factory floors, shops, offices, garages, basements and many others - these are the rooms in which our racks may be applied. We have a lot of articles in stock - our services and products are available immediately. We may equip your facilities on the spot.

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Pallet racks

Rack systems made by our company are designed in compliance with the current standards and individual needs of the client. Standard pallet racking systems are still the most popular way of storing the pallets. These racks make it possible to reach every pallet and can be applied for any product. Easy access to the pallets makes it possible to distribute the product in a quick manner. The system of standard pallet racks is constructed out of vertical elements, referred to as frames (two poles connected with the braces) and horizontal elements, known as load beams. Thanks to the wide array of accessories available, our pallet racks might be easily adapted to the individual needs of the client.

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Archive and office racks

AB RACK archive and office racks make it possible to use the available space in an optimal arrangement. Our archive racks meet the toughest requirements and are compliant with the international safety and quality standards.

Shop racks

Our shop racks make it possible to fully arrange the rooms in a safe way. Their rigid structure makes it possible to store and expose all the goods and products in shop spaces. Metal racks are rigid and easy to assemble. The racks are highly adaptable and their configuration might be tailored to each and every room. We also provide a wide array of accessories, which makes it possible to manage the arrangement of the products according to the individual preferences.

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